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Art Workshops January

The Village Art Shop

Art Workshops January

January 9th 
Water colour and ink inspired by nature
Be inspired by our lush garden to sketch what you see. Your pencil sketches will be enhanced with super fine ink pens to add detail and finally water colours to bring your art to life. You will start to look at nature differently, seeing the colours and textures in fine details and reproducing these in your art.
January 11th 
Tiny master piece on a tiny easel
We will be working in miniatures for this Art lesson. You will create several small artworks on quality heavy art paper with water colour pencils and ink - we will be reproducing classic art pieces so if you have a favourite bring in a picture of it otherwise we will have plenty. We will then show you how to make the most gorgeous tiny easels to hold a stunning little art piece made by you. 
January 14th 
Macro (very close up) Acrylic painting of flowers
We will provide you with gorgeous flowers for you to sketch and paint. You'll learn the basics of working with acrylics and techniques to produce fast stunning art. We'll teach you to look closely for detail then guide you in transferring this detail onto your small canvases. You'll walk away with something to be proud of.
January  18th 
Portrait drawing in pencil and charcoal
Bring along a portrait photo of yourself or someone you would like to draw and learn how to draw a lifelike portrait. You will be taught tips and tricks for drawing faces and learn how to get the best out of a good sketch pencil and charcoal. Find your own spot in the peaceful garden or work at our tables on the veranda. 

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