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Yoga Therapy

I have started my Yoga Therapy training over the past year and I am so inspired on how the yogic principles overlay those of the Therapy world, and really just life in general. I am most thankful to our teacher Dr Mohan teaches so simply and kindly.

Below is a quote from the Svasta Yoga site.

All limbs of Yoga are oriented towards bringing about a calm, clear, light, balanced mode of mind – a state called sattva in Sanskrit. In order to make positive changes in the mind, we must first modify behavior patterns relating to our minds, senses, bodily actions, breath, and food. The steps involved include cultivating awareness and attention (savadhanata) to bring about that state of inner calm pleasantness (sattvikata), and maintaining that state (samanaskata). This leads to good health and peace (svasthata) in time."


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